Tuesday, November 24, 2009

suspended animation

A healthy cell has a negative charge on the outside of it and a positive charge on the inside of it in a chemically balanced body. In this healthy state there is a harmony and rhythm in the pulse of life. There is animation on all levels -- Emotionally, mentally, sensorally, and physically. This is our élan vital! When the pH of the cell dips into an acidic state (below 7), the cells begin to resemble a roll of coins, in that they stack together and the cell lose their structural and spacial integrity. The élan vital fades as the energy slows down and balance and harmony are lost. This cellular slowing down expresses itself as a general lack of animation which is easily seen and felt through the person’s energy field. Within the person it can be felt as physically tiredness or even disease. This is a form of "suspended animation", living with an underlying ambient level of depression.

When the mind, as our functional spirit, is not allowed or encouraged to expand to know itself, then we are closing out the warmth and light of our soul and spirit. We have chosen to live in suspended animation which science defines as “...the slowing of life processes by external means without termination.” This is what we do to our soul’s growth when we are not opening our mind to know who we are, why and how we are and where we are going as a consciousness. The missing link is Spiritual Philosophy!

Monday, September 28, 2009

the beach

This picture is my screen saver and I have a life time of memories gathered from this beach. This is Waiotahi Beach that leads into my home town of Opotiki, New Zealand. It backed onto our farm with sand hills and a tidal river between them. My friend Merryl Watson captured this photo for me and in doing so, she shares herself and I appreciate it all. Merryl and I rode together a lot on this stretch of sand. It is a simple photo yet it stimulates a lot of memories and accompanying emotions and feelings within me.

How many times did I exercise my horses on this beach? Too many to count! This beach was my playground and my solace and a lot more in between. This beach was our makeshift cricket pitch in the long summer evenings. Mum would be roped into being catcher and the dog was our outfielder whether we wanted him to retrieve or not. In the winter, on a clear night, we would all head to the beach and often meet up with friends to share a fire made from driftwood, food and companionship.

There were the early memories of Dad driving the tractor and trailer along the road to the beach for the sole purpose of getting sand for our sandbox. Mum would bring the rest of us, including friendly pooch, a wicker basket of food and a thermos of tea. What simple pleasures. What wonderful parents we had!
And the gift of their love and commitment to being parents continues on in my heart and mind as I remember and feel the love that was present…both then and now.

This beach has a lot of memories for me.

I remember walking along the shoreline and looking back at my footprints etched in the damp sand. The sun was just going down. There was not another soul to be seen. I had the beach all to myself. I watched as my foot prints were gently washed away by the incoming tide and thinking then that life was really so temporary. I realize that I was looking at the physical self as being temporary and that all I learned, all my memories and lessons learned remain within. I am the sum of my memories as an energy field. Energy must move and change. Energy can never die. I am energy therefore I have eternal life. It is my responsibility to know myself as the energy of spirit consciousness. This is healing.

Monday, September 7, 2009

spiritual philosophy on-line school...a preview

I hope you will visit the school, listen to these previews, let the words settle within your heart and mind and then join us.


Monday, August 17, 2009

losing weight of body and mind...a testimonial

I place this here because it shows the courage this person used to effect her change.She has been willing to dig deep and look at herself and to change...and change she has! Not just the obvious physical changes but her energy has lightened up tremendously and i salute her. I feel honoured to be a part of her change. What a gift!

I first met Raewyn on my birthday, a year and a half ago. A friend of hers was having a small book-reading, and I was magnetically drawn to sit next to her. In the course of introducing ourselves to each other, I learned that Raewyn had a specialty in holistic weight loss. At this, my ears pricked up and I intuited that a golden opportunity was being presented to me.

It’s funny how accustomed we can become to being unhealthy. I would have told you that I was in pretty good health at that time, although I weighed 250 lbs., was eating 1-2 pints of ice cream each day, and had just taken a month off from work because of pneumonia. I remember being self-conscious of my noisy cough during the book-reading and having to leave a couple of times so I wouldn’t disrupt the group. At the end of the gathering, I asked Raewyn if she had a business card and, with that, a wonderful relationship began.

It “just so happened” that Rae was going to be starting a class in a few weeks and I “knew” the time was right. The material she presented, and her sense of wonderment, came as a breath of fresh air to me. What made the biggest impression on me during that class was Rae’s conviction that health is rooted in spirituality, our connection to the earth, sky and all of nature in between; and her call to the choice and responsibility that we can and must embrace in order to grow towards our better selves. Taking responsibility for myself has long been an “issue” for me. Thankfully, I was raised to eat well and exercise, but both have been a perverse struggle for me in adulthood. There was something in the way Rae talked about choice and responsibility that gave me a sense of hope and possibility for the future.

Since then, a lot has changed in my life. Through working closely with Rae on the book she’s writing, and after receiving several NDP sessions with her, I feel I’ve been able to let go of some very old feelings of guilt and remorse that have weighed me down for thirty years. I’ve been able to see more clearly how deeply painful experiences have made other wonderful things possible. Although I’d been in therapy for 10 or more years, and was intellectually familiar with these issues, addressing their underlying energy (through NDP), seems to have been key in releasing them more fully. I have come to truly believe that our emotions reside in our cells and that neuronal pathways can become ruts for negative energy.

The best way I’ve been able to describe NDP is that it’s like being unzipped. It feels as if my outer shell is being removed so that I can reconnect with my energy and the world around me. During the first session I had with Rae, the image came to me of a string being pulled on a pea pod, to reveal the beautiful, juicy peas within. After another session, I felt a familiar tone of openness that I’ve been wanting to re-find for thirty years. Now – at times when I’m doing something I’ve done hundreds of times before, it will feel brand new to me. Rather than feeling that I’m encased in my body, I can feel my energy expanding into the Universe.

A testimonial like this would be incomplete without expressing my appreciation for Rae’s down-to-earth spirit. Although she is finely attuned to subtle vibrations, her feet are firmly planted on the ground. This has enabled me to be receptive to concepts that might otherwise seem fantastical.

Of course, my growth – like yours – is an ongoing process. But I have lost 30 lbs. of physical weight and tons of emotional baggage in the last six months. There is a light-ness in my mood and in my movements. One of the greatest joys that has come with this weight loss is feeling my hips loosen so that my gait is forward-moving rather than just being one foot placed in front of the other. I can now cross my legs without having to pull the upper leg over by hand. I’ve lost my double chin and my cheek bones have re-emerged on my face. People no longer recognize me from a distance because my shape has changed so dramatically. I would still like to lose another 80 lbs., but I now feel that it’s do-able.

A year and a half ago, I had reached the point where I was willing to die prematurely rather than change. I now know I can become the person I want to be, through making positive choices that nurture my indwelling spirit as well as my physical body. I really enjoy fruits and vegetables and Rae has helped me to understand why eating organically is so essential to good health. I realize that scientific reports refute this, but I’m no longer willing to ingest toxic chemicals. Whereas I used to feel that I couldn’t afford organic food, I now feel that I can’t afford to eat otherwise.

Before I close, I want to say something about exercise. It’s still an effort for me to establish a regular routine of exercise in my life, but a few things have changed since Rae and I met. Although I’ve heard all the preventative reasons to exercise and lose weight for years (heart attack, stroke, diabetes, etc.), Rae has taught me an extremely simple concept that has really made a difference in my thinking. Exercise is good for us because it brings large amounts of oxygen into our bodies! Our brain and each of our billions of cells need oxygen to function properly. This is such a basic tenet of health that I wonder why it isn’t part of our collective consciousness. As I exercise now, I try to be mindful of bringing this oxygen into my body ….. and to remember that every step I take is helping me return to a more balanced weight. It also helps to remember that my body and everything in the world is energy, that solidity and separateness are illusory – that, in fact, everything is in motion! No, I’m not conscious of this all the time. But I find it’s a great tonic for pulling me out of old, habitual ways of thinking and being.

Raewyn has been and continues to be a wonderful gift in my life. She is supportive, encouraging, super enthusiastic about life ….. and funny! I look forward to her book being published so I can refer to it often. She is a gifted person who has much to offer. Whether for help with losing physical weight, for other health problems or for healing subtler forms of negative energy, I would encourage you to give Raewyn a call and see what flows from taking that first, courageous step.

Friday, August 14, 2009

a way to use energy

The mind has to be disciplined. Communication is always a discipline of the mind. It is the way we learn and the way we use energy. I hear these thoughts and think of the way i utilized my energy to train this half ton animal to do my bidding and i get a beautiful picture of the ethical values...at least the physical level of them... and i can see now where i have been building on the emotional energy of them. I had not thought of this before now but as i think over the training required to take a novice horse who was learning to be a balanced animal and to compete on a National level... there are no steps missed. Nothing happens without loving communication. Each training session is build on the previous one and there are lots of baby steps needed to provide a solid balanced animal. We are no different.

Horses respond to energy and i learned early on that if i was upset in anyway this was immediately transferred to the horse and my emotional state was mirrored back to me. My emotional energy is determined by how i am thinking. There is no bluffing when working with horses...any animal really. The result of years of training is the intense sense of sympatico between horse and rider--the trust and faith of shared energy.

Thursday, August 13, 2009

patterns of love

This is a photo of my great aunt and grandmother showing off their skills as seamstresses. They even made their hats! They were advertising their talents. I look at this old photo and memories rise with the love i have for them and their role in my young life. These same two women bought me my first school supplies...pencils and notebooks and a few things in between.

My great aunt Liz read a lot of the classics to my brothers and me. Oh what joy! She was wonderful at accents and each character was brought to life in my mind with them. From windswept moors and Jane Arye, Heathcliff, Oliver Twist and David Copperfield to name a few; my young mind was fed with these characters. I reflect back and I have had a rich patterning in love and sharing and these two women played a tremendous role. I feel i have given myself a huge gift by going back through these old photos and allowing these memories to surface and remind me that i have been richly loved.

These two women were unlimited reservoirs of love for me and i continue to be grateful for their presence in my life. Along with the love and support that was constant, they shared their pleasure of learning and reading. What a gift! I have associated the feeling of love with the feeling of learning...and the older i get i recognize that they are indeed inseparable. To learn, to change and grow is the pattern of our soul and spirit consciousness.

Tuesday, August 11, 2009

Cafe Tempest....

Cafe Tempest, Adventures on a Small Greek Island


I am enchanted by this, so much so that i just have to share. I hope you to find your way to buy this book.